Day and Night

The state of Day and Night in Evron is quite different than one might expect. Due to some somewhat obscure history, which will not be explained here, there is no sunlight in Evron. What was once daytime is now a very, very dark pseudo-night. The moon is now the sun of Evron, and what light it gives is what all those in Evron are used to. As a result, the following rules are put in to play:


Because Evron’s inhabitant’s eyes have changed to suit the constant low light, all creatures, including PCs, have low-light vision, unless it is noted in their entries that they have normal vision.


As their vision is already exceptional, creature with low-light marked in their entries act as if they have darkvision.

Superior Vision

All creatures with Darkvision marked in their entries have the following rule:

Superior Vision: Creatures with Superior Vision act on the same vision rules as those with darkvision, with one exception. Superior Vision grants creatures that have it the ability to ignore enemy concealment, and act as if an enemy’s superior concealment is regular concealment.

New Introductions

Their eyes not being accustomed to the specific darkness of Evron, new creatures are not granted these bonuses immediately. When a new creature is introduced to Evron from another plane or another unaffected area, they do not gain the benefits of the above until a set time. If the creature has no sort of enhanced vision, it gains Evron granted low-light vision after 24 hours. If it does have low-light vision already, it gains Evron granted darkvision in 48 hours. If the creature already has darkvision, then they gain Superior Vision after 10 minutes (or at the end of a short rest.) These bonuses are removed if they ever leave Evron, but will be re=granted in half of the set time if they ever return.


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